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LGK-160MA Manual Type Plamsa Cutting Machine

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Product instruction

LGK-160MA is a new designed plasma cutting machine for thick materials cutting by Huayuan, it's a air cooling plasma cutter. This plasma cutter equip with a air cooling manual plasma torch, fulfil the blank of high cutting current with air cooling. Highly improves the cutting efficiency and capacity. 


LGK-160MA air plasma cutting machine is mainly used for carbon steel, alloy steel and nonferrous metals hand cutting; 
It's widely used in steel structure manufactering, and buliding, repairing,steel recycing industry. 


1. Cutting thickness

Rated output current is 160A, quality cutting thickess upto 30mm, severvance cutting thickness upto 60mm (Need to work with HYC-160BS air cooling torch)
60% rated duty cycle under 40℃, 160A cutting current,can work well under high-duty cutting;
100% rated duty cycle under 40℃, 124A cutting current, 24 hous/day cutting is available.  

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2. Stable cutting current
Used mature main circuit design and big capacity components, get stable output current and high quality cutting thickness.

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3. Accuracy control 

Mature control circuit, control every details accurately, get  good cutting experience. 
4. Filter regulator 

Equip with high quality filter regulator, filter the water, oil and other dirty in compressed air, as a based of high quality cutting. 

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5. Continuous pilot arc

With continous pilot arc function, suitable for grid cutting. 

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7. High quality plasma cutting torch

HYC-160BS plasma torch is specially designed for high capacity hand plasma cutting, with big cutting capacity, good cooling, fast cutting speed and stable cutting features. 

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8. Cutting curve

This data is based on Huayuan lab, with Huayuan HYC-160BS air cooling torch.

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Packing List

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Technical Parameter