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NB-350/500HD Inverter CO2/MIG/MAG Gas Shielded Welding Machine

Main Features

  1, This mig welding machine adopting digital control technology, which can accurate preset the welding parameter and control the welding process, the arc characteristic can automatic adjust according to the wire type and diameter;

  2, With advanced control technology, which can accurate control the welding parameter in a short time to improve the welding performance;

  3, High duty cycle to ensure the large current, high load and long time constant welding;

  4, With four rolls double drive, the wire feeder is with better wire feed force and stable wire feed speed to get better welding performance;

  5, With fine design and manufacture, the machine stability and performance is ensured, important elements are world famous brand;

  6, Good construction design has isolated the elements and control circuit, which can reduces the heating and dust in the machine;

  This kind of mig welding machine is widely used for high efficiency welding like carbon steel, low alloy steel, especially suitable for ship building, steel construction, cabin making, machinery, oil filed and automotive making.