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LG-125HA/LG-200HA Pro Automated Machine Use Plasma Cutting Machine

Main Features

  1, This plasma cutting machine is specially work with CNC machinery and robot cutting, the machine is small volume, light weight which is easy to install on the machinery;

  2, Good HF arc strike technology, the arc strike controller is separate from the power source, which reduces the HF interruption to the CNC control system;

  3, The gas control is separate with the power source: with shorter gas circuit, more stable gas pressure and cutting quality;

  4, High duty cycle designing which is suitable for heavy industry use;

  5, Cutting current up slope technology to reduce the wearing parts consumption;

  6, Accurate cutting current preset, step-less control;

  7, With gas pressure checking and indication function;

  8, With gas checking function which is easy to adjust the gas pressure;

  9, With overload, lack voltage, over voltage and lack phase protection;

  10, 125HA with constant arc strike function, which suitable for plate cutting, LG-200HA Pro with automatic torch cooling system inside;

Product Application

  1, It is widely used for carbon steel, alloy steel, ferrous metal cutting;

  2, It is widely used in metal cutting industries like advertisement, pressure vessel, water and electric power, chemical, aerospace, automotive, constructions and parts fabrication.