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Main features: 

1, A digital controlled welding machine, adopting inverter soft switch technology;

2, With gas checking function, easy to adjust the gas flow; 

3, The latest technology IGBT modules and rectifier diodes are used on the machine, with good reliability;

4, With excellent MMA welding function, the hot start current and arc force current can be adjusted separately;

5, Accurate welding control, with excellent arc striking rate; 

6, Lighter weight, smaller size and more user-friendly design, easy to operate; 

7, With automatic protection function of over-heating, over pressure, lack pressure and default phase;

8, All the welding parameters can be preset, stored and called out;

9, 2 steps and 4 steps function selection.


It’s mainly used for welding carbon steel, stainless steel, copper and its alloy, heat resistant steel, titanium alloy, etc. It is widely used in electric power construction, chemical construction, oil field construction and heavy industry which requires frequent moving in bad environment.