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Main features:

1, A digital controlled welding machine, adopting inverter soft switch technology;

2, The control board parts are adopted advanced sheet-contact process, with high stability and low failure rate;

3, The latest technology IGBT modules and rectifier diodes are used on the machine, with good reliability;

4, Accurate arc voltage and current feedback control circuit, the welding processes is stable with little spatter and good performance;

5, With crater filling function when welding finish to improve the crater welding seam quality;

6, Adopting PWM inverter technology, frequency reaches 20KHz, the machine is with fast reaction;

7, With automatic protection function of over-heating, over pressure, lack pressure and default phase;

8, With MMA welding function;

9, Lighter weight, smaller size and more user-friendly design, easy to operate. 

It is widely used for all steel welding, especially suitable for heavy industries like construction, bridge construction, automobile, ship building and machinery, etc..