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Main features:

1, Adopting special inverter welding power source, with smaller size and weight, lower energy consumption and stable welding performance;
2, Use 1.6mm welding wire, the welding deposition rate up to 140g/min, the weld is finish one time, the welding efficiency is very high;
3, The welding torch can be automatically lifted according to set parameters, easy to operate;
4, The welding wire is the only padding material of the weld, the cost is low;
5, The welding head with complete adjusting functions, easy to adjust and locate the welding point;
6, This machine is usually hanged on a gantry type frame to compose a welding system.


It’s mainly used on welding T-shape and butt vertical weld seam of low carbon steel, low alloy steel, and medium carbon steel;
Widely used in steel structure, bridges and boiler, etc..