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Main Features:

■  Fast arc striking, low welding spatter, rapidwire feeding response and excellent spot welding performance
■  Adopting SMT circuit and soft switchtechnology
■  Unique design of  arc voltage/ current feedback control circuit, with verystable welding performance
■  With ball-eliminating function, the wirefeeding speed can reach m/min
■  The arc characteristic is adjustable from“soft” to“hard”for different welding skill
■  Model NB-250/315LB, the welding current andvoltage can be adjusted on the wire feeder, easy to operate  
■  Model NB-250/315LT, the wire feeder is insidebuilt the machine, with wheels and optional gas cylinder frame, easy to operate 
■  With automatic over-heating function

Products Application
■  Suitable for the solid wireФ 0.8 and Ф 1.0,used for the welding of low carbon steel, medium carbon steel and alloy carbonsteel;
■  It’s widely used in the industry of motors,motorcycles, furniture and so on.