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HB series high accuracy double axises positioner is mainly used for the rotate and tilt two axises position variation to get better welding position;

HB positioner construction consists of seat type tilting and rotate structure. The tilting structure is the main driving parts, which can tilt to any position want and lock reliably. The rotate structure adopts AC servo motor which can stop at any position or continiously rotate to get circle welding;

Two axis positioner rotate and tilting both adopts AC servo motor and high accuracy low backlasher gearbox to take the workpiece tilting and rotate, with high repeat positioning accuracy;

Harmouiously control with the robot through the external axis control, the positioner is taken as the 7th and 8th axises of the robot. The external axis include AC servo motor, servo parcel, motor cable and control software, etc.


l Suitable for small and mid construction with 2 axis position change requirements workpiece;

l Work with robot external axis, auto control with robot to enlarge the robot work space;

l Adopts high accuracy low backlasher gearbox driving, which is with high repeat accuracy .

Technical parameter