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Brife Introduction: 

This rail is mainly used for the robot travel guide and driving, which can enlarge the work space. The construction adopts profile welding, dealt by annealing fabrication. It work with cable chain and anti-spatter device, etc.

The travel driving adopts external axis AC servo motor, low backlasher gearbox,accurate linear rail guide, accurate rack and pinoin transmission to get robot fast and stable move.

The rail divided to heavy type and light type. The light type can work with robot directly to enlarge the work space. The heavy type need work with the lifting slipper rail, rotate seat and column to enlarge the work space.


l The light type rail suitable for the robot cutting system;

l The heavy type rail suitable for robot welding system;

l Suitable for small and mid construction with 2 axis position change requirements workpiece;

l Work with robot external axis auto control with robot to enlarge the robot work space;

l Adopts high accuracy low backlasher gearbox driving, which is with high repeat accuracy .

Technical parameter