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Water Cooling Machine


HYW-400D liquid cooling machine --- Specially work with plasma cutting machine. It's specially designed & produced for Huayuan LGK-HD and LGK-IGBT series plasma power source (Output current ≤500A). It's with big cooling power, and communication function with Huayuan LGK series plasma power source, if the machine is over-heating, low cooling liquid level,  it stops the LGK plasma working automaticlly, which highly reduces the plasma torch spares consumptions.

Only if work with  liquid cooling machine, Huayuan LGK series plasma cutting machine can work with the best performance.

Main features

1, It intelligently control to cool the equipment and torch;  

2, It equip with first-class high-pressure pump and high power radiator, with excellent cooling effect and reduce the cost of cutting torch spares;

3, With automatic protection function of over-heating, low coolant flow, low liquid level;


It’s specially suitable for cooling the high power plasma cutting torch, also used in some other equipment which need forced cooling, such as resistance welding machine.